Company History

This shop was no accident. Owners, Denise Plowman and Crystal River Williams had been dreaming of this for many, many years. Long before they'd even met eachother. However, it wasn't until they joined forces that their separate dreams became one beautiful reality. The California natives both have pastry arts degrees and a passion for local and natural food.


Denise, a former Marine, has many years of coffee and baking experience; from small mom and pop shops to baking on the Google campus in California. Several of Norma's signature desserts and savory items have a kick of heat as a nod to her Mexican heritage.


Crystal, a mother of two, has over 20 years of food service and sales experience. A former "Hippie Kid", her passion for wholesome home cooking runs deep and as a Ridgewood parent her love of the neighborhood is genuine.



-Crystal River Williams